Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Fitting Your Own TowBar Vs a Professional Installation: What to Choose, When

There’s nothing to beat the thrill of packing up bags and heading on a vacation and if it means linking your car with a caravan or boat, it’s worth the effort. Towbars make it easy for the car and van owners to connect extra load carrying accessories and while a large number of latest models introduced by car manufacturers now come with easy to hook and use connecting hitches and towbars, it does require a bit of thought and is all about picking the correct accessories.
So the ultimate question is can you do it on your own? Of course, as long as the process of installation is followed correctly. Suppliers of multi-brand and multi-car type towbar accessories like UK’s leading towbar equipment vendor Towequipe have an intuitive and easy website towequipe.co.uk to navigate through.

The Electrical Parts
Like the towbar connecting accessories and the towbar itself, even the electrical components required for installing the towbar are available online. Platforms like Towequipe offer a multi-brand environment where you can sift through to find the exact electrical parts that your car make needs to be fitted with. Every car has a different specification and comes with an inbuilt digital electronic, reverse lighting and other systems that may have to be integrated with the towbar wiring. The good thing is manufacturers, provide detailed instructions on the step by step process for this.
Checking On Tools
So what are the equipments and tools that go into fitting a towbar to the back of a car? The first thing is to look under the car for the chassis area where the towbar is usually connected. In case the towbar is being fitted to the bumper and the bumper doesn’t already have a connector to cater to towbar fitting chances is you’ll have to go for drilling holes through it. In such cases, unless you’re an expert in drilling and mechanical car working, it’s advisable to get the job done from an expert.
Checking On Warranty
Once the towbar is bought, it cannot be exchanged on returned if you have installed it in the wrong manner. Any badly done installation and the towbar warranty immediately becomes void. Don’t try to fit a towbar meant for lesser load and use it for a heavier load add-on. This dangerously increases the risk of road accidents or other fatalities.
Going For Custom Towbars
Getting customized towbars fitted is quite the in-thing these days. For car owners who like to modify their vehicle-custom made towbars provide designer options for the practical job they perform. Any custom towbar should ideally be fitted only through a professional because it involves decisions on balancing the weight distribution. A lot of fancy towbar accessories and additional fittings are available online for great discounts. So get those spanners out for your own DIY towbar fitting if you want to but also do the requisite homework to make a good job out of it!

The excitement and ease of fitting towbar to car rears for carrying extra load should be carefully weighed depending on factors like the car and towbar design and load carrying capabilities.                                                             

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